All Decent Exposure TV crews work as an integral part of any production team. In addition to high technical standards, our crews bring expertise, creativity, flexibility, reliability and enthusiasm to a shoot. Needless to say, we select our crews carefully to ensure they have appropriate experience, well-maintained equipment and a likeable personality. We really try! We provide each client with the most suitable crew and equipment for the job by taking into account individual requirements and production budgets - our comprehensive and efficient service ensures that every client receives the best solution available to suit their needs.

Consequently, we have developed numerous successful relationships with clients who see Decent Exposure TV Ltd as an essential part of their production team. A lot of our crews have experience across a broad spectrum of programme genres. However, others also have more dedicated experience in one particular area, for example, cricket or rugby coverage, fly-on-the-wall documentaries or artistic features. Similarly, many of our crews can work undirected and as a 1-man band if a Sound Recordist is not part of the shoot. A number of our Cameramen have experience in specialist areas of filming such as underwater, extreme sports and fast-moving actuality documentaries.

Be assured that we will listen to your requirements and select only the best and most suitable crew for your production.