Dear Duncan,

Thank you for giving me such a nice and professional team to record the conversation with Judi. Over the years i`ve worked with a lot of crews on such projects, both for BBC and ITV, and your chaps were second to none. They immediately made me feel totally confident that i didn't need to worry about the pictures or sound, and could give my whole attention to the conversation with Judi, which was crucial.

Would you please convey my thanks and appreciation to each one of them? Should we go on to make any more Theatre Legends i would hope we could have the same crew again.

I look forward to talking to you about how we proceed with editing, and all the clips we will need to obtain.

Thanks for making this happen, i have waited years to get Judi in front of the cameras for it.
Regards John
"Thank you for giving me such a nice and professional team...your chaps were second to none"
What more can I say than THANKS - you were brilliant!
- Granada TV
...So supportive in the planning stages through to filming on the day
- Brainiac
Thanks once again for more award winning work...
- Brainiac